Saturday, September 26, 2009

My mind's a whirlwind of colors. I'd rather put them into words, but you've fucked me over so bad, all I see is black and grey, red and orange, yellow and white. I see no sunshine, I see no rain.
I drown in my self-loathing and self-pity, I scream in my own silence, I curse you in my sweet talk. I dream about the days I've spent with you, I push away the nightmares of the days I haven't.
Where are those times? Where are those cigarettes that formed a curtain of smoke around our happy faces? Where is the laughter that used to ring in our ears even when we slept? Where are those people who made us who we are today?
Where are we?
You tell me I will never accept. I will never regret. You encase me in a crystal jar, and put me up as your mantelpiece, showing me off to your world. Where did you put away mine?
I act as your kryptonite, I act as your china-doll. I am yours to keep, to break, to join together again with glue.
It's sad what we've become. It's sad what we've reduced to. Our ego clashes will never die down, our leaping for power over one another will never stop. I stopped once. I can't stop again. You will not break me this time. Not again.

You touch me, and I crumble under the weight of your fingertips.


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