Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 update!

So between running around between home, tuition, school, S and S, I finally got the time to write something.

What's really bothering me is when I go to school, everyone is whining about how they have one retake and SAT coming up and omfg it's SO difficult to handle the two exams along with A Levels.
Bhenchod try having two science retakes, SAT I, SAT II, mid-terms, and a sister's wedding. And A levels.
And college deadlines.

You wanna talk difficult? Come live my life. -_-
That and the fucked up mind I have, it's not easy to stay on track without losing it. Ah well, I've been doing well so far.

I don't think I'll be going to London. I don't want to. It's time I moved on, and frankly speaking I've always hated London. The british with their pseudo-sophistication and "c(h)up of t(h)eas" with cookies. It irritates the fuck out of me.

Canada or USA it is, then.
Need to get out. Needtogetout.

Some people were just not worth staying back for. Pfft. Immatureemotionpackedchootboxbullshit.

I need to stop cursing so much.
And apparently I also need to stop using "Mk".

Mk bhenchod. Haha.
I <3 S. He makes my day.

There really is no point to this post. I just needed to "update" my blog according to 7. I hate updating if I have nothing to rant about.
Except maybe chemistry.
Bhenchod acids and bases and conjugate acids and bases which can be neutral or basic or acidic, each with their own formulas of figuring out the pH. Who gives a shit? Honestly. They invented pH indicators for a goddamn reason.

Gah. Need to go back to study now. Laters.