Thursday, February 24, 2011

Every day.

Failed homework parties. That's how we roll.
It starts off with very able and focused students who have to finish their two page assignments due in the morning. Classes over, chilling, dinner, and come 8pm we all lounge about in Pabs' room. Laptops. Music.
In and out of the room, filling water bottles turn by turn, grabbing snacks like fatasses. We are the definition of hardworking college kids, completely engrossed in our work, concentrating on the task ahead of us.
And then the clock strikes 9.
"Anyone wanna throw down?"
And within a second the atmosphere changes from career-oriented, work-fixated, attentive to-be adults, to chilled, lazy and relaxed teens.
We are now the reason parents don't wanna send their kids to college.
Wallets opening, quick texting, and five minutes later you have two of us rushing upstairs to find our Eden. Quick exchange of hands, and we run back down to drown in our own worlds.
Once you enter the room, you're surrounded by a group of very excited individuals who all want to smell this thing of beauty. They all want to touch it, they all want the first hit. No one wants to be left behind.
"What kind of weed is it?"
And the taboo word has been said out aloud. Pack a bowl, pack a bong, pass them around in opposite directions. One hit, two hits, three. Laughter, stupidity, and zoning out. And we're good. We are great. We sit back and just....
"Does anyone wanna go eat?"
Layer up, run out, smoke a cigarette, stuff your face.
Go back to room.


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