Monday, February 28, 2011

I went from being the depressed, emo, anti-social child to being an insane, partying, social butterfly.
It's funny how college changes you. It's funny how a little taste of independence can make you feel invincible.

"And I'm crazy but you like it. Loca loca loca."


Saaleha said...

Here's to hoping I get a little taste of that this fall.

Tinuviel said...

Oh you will. I made a 180 degree change. Most of us do.

Maryam said...

True. Most of us do that.

Bloody Mary said...

My wildest days were those as a research scholar. After the tragic meetings with our respective supervisors, we'd rolly joints in the university park and get hammered then and there. Hey, I like your pictures :)

Tinuviel said...

"Tragic meetings" lol. We get hammered anywhere that can fit 9 people.
And thank you. =]

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