Thursday, March 10, 2011


Spring break officially starts tomorrow at 6pm, but going to UMass generally means that you start celebrations the Thursday before the weekend. Which is basically today. Honestly, people here couldn't care less about Friday classes unless they have an exam. 90% of students will skip Friday lectures because they will either:
1. Be recovering from the previous night's drunken stupor.
2. On their way home.
3. Still be drinking.
4. Just not giving a fuck.

Spring break couldn't start sooner. What's weird is that freshman year passed like a breeze. It seems like only a week ago I moved to Amherst, and Spring is already upon us. In 2 months, I'll be on a plane going back home and waiting for sophomore year to start. 8 months ago, 4 years seemed a long time to have fun and get life back on track. But if a year passed by so quick, what of the next three? What about after sophomore year when Brian moves to California for grad school?
Here, I've found peace. I've found happiness. I've found a new family.
This place has literally given me a reason to live.

Last night we watched Far From Heaven. Set in the 1950s, the movie is about a woman's ability to stay strong as ever even after she finds out her husband is gay, falls in love with a black man, gets divorced, and finds her love leaving her forever. Inspiration, much? Now I'm not a person who cries, but I swear to God I cried for 15 minutes.

On a more positive note. I'm making Brian meet my brother this weekend. I don't really know what to expect. My brother has known about one of my ex-s and he had every right to pick flaws; I could see where he was coming from. This time around, he has nothing to complain about. Being with Brian is probably one of the maturest decisions I've ever made, and I know for a fact that my brother won't be able to complain. If he will, it's going to be about how I'm too young. 20, really? Shit will either hit the fan, or everything will be great. How could you possibly say no to an MIT student (specially if you're one yourself. Read: my brother)? I need to take out my lip piercing before I go see my brother, though. It's already cost me my relationship with Dad. Not much to care about that anyway, but I'm pretty close to my brother, so I don't want things to mess up with him cause of something so trivial.

So I'm probably gonna be blogging like crazy over Spring break. My initial plan was to go to Montreal. That got canceled. Then Florida. No money. Then California. No place to stay. Then Boston. Brian will be busy. So I guess Philadelphia it is! To see my sister. And drown in her bubbly personality, excessive talk of her husband's niece, her lack of humor, and how she thinks taking (pseudo) karate lessons has made her Wonderwoman. It hasn't. She only manages to bruise herself. Lets not get me started on the stupid karate lessons. I'll rant on for half an hour.

Also. The Boston trip was fucking AWESOME.


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