Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everything Trying.

It's a nice house, yours. With the spiral staircase and the portraits on each wall. The grand ballroom, and the golden corners. The shabby servant stairs, and the unwanted junk. I specially love the balcony. When I'm overwhelmed with all the lies, I like to go out there and smoke a cigarette. We know what the other knows about what we know. Yet you stay as quiet as the night that keeps me company.
When the smoke unfurls, and you whisper careless things in my ear, I watch your lips moving. I watch the pink of your tongue hitting the crookedness of your teeth. I watch the thin flesh make an O. I watch the edges attempt to break into a smile to keep me smiling.
And I know you're lying about it.
When the lights go off and you pull me into bed, I feel your hands exploring - hungry, telling me they've missed me. I feel myself drown in your kisses. I feel your legs wrap around me, entangling me in your web.
You're lying, still.
When I hear the static over the phone, I pay close attention to the emotions you pour through the phone 50 miles away. I hear you tell me things I wanted to hear months ago, I hear you making excuses. I hear the happiness you put in your voice.
And I still know you're lying.
You're just being...you. And I'm expecting too much by being me.
Yet I always find myself back in the same shabby house with the spiral staircase. The beautiful architecture and the beautiful art that you are keeps drawing me back. It's nothing personal, darling. It's everything and that.


Furree Katt said...

i've read all your posts but i can never find a single thing to say. i just want you to know that i'm a huge fan of your blog, and your writing. also, i think you're really pretty.

Tinuviel said...

Why can't you find a single thing to say? Lol.

But thank you Furree. =] You're adorable!

Bloody Mary said...

She is tongue tied perhaps =].

I am trying to learn the art of indifference, nothing kills like indifference, its as subtle as a battle axe.

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