Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tried my best to be guarded.
I'm an open book instead.
I may have lost my way now.
I haven't forgotten my way home.


Bloody Mary said...

Love this song. Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like without music

Tinuviel said...

It's a beautiful song.

What the song would be like without music? Or life in general? I don't want to imagine either.

Raheel Aijaz said...

Hey tinu. i'm missing ur tomboyish posts. please cut this emo crap.
oh btw whats ur major? or ur still in that two year undeclared period?

Bloody Mary said...

Life in general, without music, without rhythm

Tinuviel said...

Ah, Raheel. I forgot to reply to this.

I'm double majoring in psych and linguistics.

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