Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Thoughts.

If I stand here and twirl, I can almost make sense of all of this. I can connect the grey hues and the black dots and the white lies, just to figure out the bigger picture.
If I run my fingers through my hair, I can almost tell what silk feels like if I let it define the curves of my body. I can run around in the wind, hair blowing behind me with my skirt, and I know my laughter would be music to my own ears.
If I take a deep breath, I can almost feel you around me. Or I can pretend to hold you close and breathe you in; musk and sweat, laundry and heat, me and you. Or just you.
I would love to lie on the grass with you, touch your fingertips with mine and stare in amazement. I would love to feel like a child again, protected and carefree. I would want to forget about everything that surrounds me, and dance around in the rain without my shoes. And what would I not give to wake up to your breath on my ear, your lips on my shoulder, and your eyes saying everything I need to hear.
What if I never come back? What if I believe this is enough to last me a lifetime? Am I being selfish?


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