Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life these days.

It's the online social networking that gets you. Between updating my Facebook status, tweeting, and instagram-ing, I forgot what it was like to truly write; to pour my soul out on a piece of paper, or a blog. I was so caught up in letting everyone know every thought in my head every two seconds, that when it came time to write something meaningful, something with substance, I was totally blank.
So yesterday I deactivated my FB account and I stopped tweeting (I was never really into Twitter anyway), and all day I've been itching to write. Listening to The Lumineers, making steak and chocolate lava cake, and drafting houses did little to curb my enthusiasm to start typing something, anything, here.

This post isn't much to read. It's me testing my theory of internet socializing taking over a person's brain. And I guess it hold true, at least for me. So, expect more. I'm excited!


Furree Katt said...

Social networking can kill the writer inside everyone, seriously. Even though blogging is also a social medium, it's specifically meant for people like us who just love to write.

Tinuviel said...

Come over, I'll make you delicious food!

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